This Sunday

May 3, 9:15 and 11 am
Music Sunday: Sunrise Mass
John Hubert & the First Universalist Singers

The First Universalist Singers present their annual May Music Sunday with Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo’s Sunrise Mass for choir and string orchestra. Joining our choir will be the professional string ensemble Sphere. Traveling from beginning to end aurally through the Sunrise Mass, one might experience the metaphorical journey from the starry Heaven to Earth, from undifferentiated darkness to solid, warm life, evolving spiritually as human. Come and enjoy this exquisite piece of music.

Compassion in Action Offering: PFLAG Scholarship Fund

Community Forum:
Marjan Freeman will join us to discuss the growing movement of people who are taking a more active role in their health, and exercising more caution when selecting health care providers and treatments. Please note that this program is not intended to offer medical advice.

4101 East Hampden Avenue,
Denver, 80222

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Next Sunday

May 10, 9:15 and 11 am
Are You UU?
Rev. Jeannie Shero & Rev. Kirk Loadman-Copeland

Join us as we focus on our theme for May, which is theological reflection. As Unitarian Universalists, we are encouraged to build our own theologies. How do you approach belief? What do you believe and why? What are your commitments? How do they inform your actions? And how does Unitarian Universalism inform all of this?