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Next Sunday

August 10, 10 am
Young Adult Service
Coordinated by Dan Lillie & Karl Krebs
This year’s annual Young Adult Service features three First Universalist Members offering some of their insight on August’s exploration theme of Sabbath.

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This Sunday

August 3, 10 am
Taking Time Seriously
Rev. Kirk Loadman-Copeland & Rev. Jeannie Shero
We will introduce the theme for the month of August, which is Sabbath. What for you is “sabbath time” and what for you are “sabbath tasks”?

Community Forum: First Universalist member Dan Moen will present photos and video, and talk about his participation in a recent “Just Journey” to Haiti with the UU College of Social Justice.

We invite you to join us.

4101 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, 80222

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