This Sunday

July 3, 10:00 a.m.

One Nation: Born and Born-Again
Aaron Norris, Ministerial Resident
The human experience compels people to claim membership in nations across this earth with common histories and mythologies about them as a people. In this way, America is no different. However, their are truly unique things about the American experience that make her people unlike any other. This is both our blessing and our curse that as we wrestle with our own mythologies and the call to “Make America Great Again!” Like people themselves, nations are in constant transformation, a circle of life, born and reborn. Aaron will explore our nation’s place on the wheel and what it might bode for the future.
Compassion in Action: Interfaith Alliance

Happenings: June, 2016

June is Pride Month! March with us on June 19. Don’t miss the Spring Cleaning “Sale” we’re holding on June 11 and 12 to benefit the building fund (and to help us declutter before the move). Items will have no price tags; give what you think is appropriate. Details on these and many other events in this month’s issue of Happenings.


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